Variety: Sporobolomyces roseus var. roseus , 1924

Scientific name Sporobolomyces roseus var. roseus , 1924
Synonyms Amphiernia rubra Grüss
Sporobolomyces boleticola C. Ramírez, 1957
Sporobolomyces miniatus Yamasaki & H. Fujii, 1950
Sporobolomyces photographus var. photographus
Sporobolomyces pollaccii Verona & Cif.
Sporobolomyces roseus var. madurae Janke, 1954
Sporobolomyces salmoneus var. albus Derx, 1930
Sporobolomyces salmoneus var. salmoneus , 1930
Sporobolomyces salmonicolor var. albus (Derx) Verona & Cif.
Sporobolomyces tenuis Kluyver & C.B. Niel, 1924
Torula photographa Biourge, 1925
Torulopsis somala Verona, 1935


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Flanders indigenous (1a)
Brussels indigenous (1a)
Wallonia indigenous (1a)
Habitat terrestrial