Species: Ramularia macrospora Fresen., 1863

Scientific name Ramularia macrospora Fresen., 1863
Synonyms Bostrichonema ochraceum (Fuckel) Sacc., 1886
Cercospora phyteumatis A.B. Frank, 1880
Cylindrospora macrospora (Fresen.) J. Schröt., 1897
Cylindrospora phyteumatis (Sacc. & G. Winter) J. Schröt., 1897
Ramularia adenophorae Moesz, 1938
Ramularia campanulae-persicifoliae A.G. Eliasson, 1915
Ramularia campanulae-rotundifoliae Lindr., 1904
Ramularia macrospora var. adenophorae Ziling, 1936
Ramularia macrospora var. campanulae Sacc., 1881
Ramularia macrospora var. major Lindr., 1902
Ramularia ochracea (Fuckel) U. Braun, 1991
Ramularia phyteumatis Sacc. & G. Winter, 1882
Ramularia prismatocarpi Oudem., 1877
Ramularia rapunculoides Nannf., 1950
Scolicotrichum ochraceum Fuckel, 1868


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Flanders indigenous (1a)
Brussels indigenous (1a)
Wallonia indigenous (1a)
Habitat terrestrial