Species: Rhizoctonia solani J.G. Kühn, 1858

Scientific name Rhizoctonia solani J.G. Kühn, 1858
Synonyms Corticium microsclerotia (Matz) G.F. Weber, 1939
Moniliopsis aderholdii Ruhland, 1908
Moniliopsis solani (J.G. Kühn) R.T. Moore, 1987
Pellicularia filamentosa form. microsclerotia (Matz) Exner, 1953
Pellicularia filamentosa microsclerotia (Matz) Exner, 1953
Pellicularia solani (J.G. Kühn) Exner, 2000
Rhizoctonia aderholdii (Ruhland) Marchion., 1946
Rhizoctonia betae Eidam, 1887
Rhizoctonia borealis J.T. Curtis, 1939
Rhizoctonia choussii Crand. & Arill., 1955
Rhizoctonia dichotoma H.K. Saksena & Vaartaja, 1960
Rhizoctonia dimorpha Matz, 1921
Rhizoctonia ferruginea Matz, 1921
Rhizoctonia fusca Rostr., 1893
Rhizoctonia gossypii var. aegyptiaca Forsten., 1931
Rhizoctonia gossypii Forsten., 1931
Rhizoctonia macrosclerotia Matz, 1921
Rhizoctonia melongenae Matz, 1921
Rhizoctonia microsclerotia Matz, 1917
Rhizoctonia mucoroides G.E. Bernard, 1909
Rhizoctonia napaeae Westend. & Wallays, 1846
Rhizoctonia potomacensis Wollenw., 1913
Rhizoctonia solani var. ambigua E. Bald. & Cabrini, 1937
Rhizoctonia solani var. hortensis Schultz, 1936
Rhizoctonia solani var. lycopersici Schultz, 1936
Rhizoctonia solani var. typica Sneh, Burpee & Ogoshi, 1991
Sclerotium griseum J.A. Stev., 1917


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Flanders indigenous (1a)
Brussels indigenous (1a)
Wallonia indigenous (1a)
Habitat terrestrial