Species: Spilocaea pomi Fr., 1819

Scientific name Spilocaea pomi Fr., 1819
Synonyms Actinonema crataegi form. sorbi-ariae Thüm, 1879
Actinonema crataegi form. sorbi-torminalis Thüm, 1877
Actinonema crataegi form. sorbi-torminalis Thüm., 1879
Actinonema crataegi Pers., 1822
Actinonema pomi Lév., 1847
Asteroma crataegi var. pomi Desm., 1846
Asteroma crataegi var. sorbi Desm., 1846
Asteroma crataegi (Pers.) Rabenh., 1844
Asteroma mali Desm., 1841
Basiascum eriobotryae Cavara, 1888
Capillaria crataegi (Pers.) Link, 1824
Cladosporium dendriticum var. heteromeles Harkn.
Cladosporium dendriticum Wallr., 1833
Cladosporium orbiculatum Desm., 1849
Coniosporium mali Dearn. & A.C. Foster, 1938
Fumago mali Pers., 1822
Fusicladium dendriticum form. fruticola Ferraris, 1910
Fusicladium dendriticum form. microsperma Roum., 1891
Fusicladium dendriticum var. eriobotryae Scalia, 1901
Fusicladium dendriticum var. opuli Thüm.
Fusicladium dendriticum var. orbiculatum (Desm.) Sacc., 1886
Fusicladium dendriticum var. pyracanthae Thüm., 1879
Fusicladium dendriticum var. soraueri (Thüm.) Sacc., 1886
Fusicladium dendriticum var. sorbi-torminalis Savul. & Sandu, 1933
Fusicladium dendriticum var. sorbinum Sacc., 1905
Fusicladium dendriticum (Wallr.) Fuckel, 1870
Fusicladium eriobotryae (Cavara) Cavara, 1892
Fusicladium melanconioides Ferraris, 1909
Fusicladium orbiculatum (Desm.) Thüm., 1873
Fusicladium photinicola McClain, 1925
Fusicladium pomi (Fr.) Lind, 1913
Fusicladium pyracanthae (G.H. Otth) Vienn.-Bourg., 1941
Fusicladium pyrorum var. amelanchieris Sacc., 1886
Fusicladium pyrorum var. pyracanthae Thüm., 1877
Napicladium soraueri Thüm., 1875
Passalora dendritica var. orbiculata (Desm.) Berk., 1878
Passalora dendritica (Wallr.) Sacc., 1878
Passalora pyracanthae G.H. Otth, 1868
Phlyctidium crataegi (Pers.) Wallr., 1833
Scolicotrichum venosum Bonord., 1863
Spilocaea amelanchieris I.C. Harv., 1982
Spilocaea crataegi (Pers.) S. Hughes, 1958
Spilocaea eriobotryae (Cavara) S. Hughes, 1953
Spilocaea photinicola (McClain) M.B. Ellis, 1976
Spilocaea pyracanthae (G.H. Otth) Arx, 1957


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Flanders indigenous (1a)
Brussels indigenous (1a)
Wallonia indigenous (1a)
Habitat terrestrial