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Arkive image - Black-headed gull in a mixed flock with Eurasian avocets and Eurasian golden plovers

Arkive image - Black-headed gull 'sky pointing' during heavy rain

Arkive image - Black-headed gull adult feeding on worm

Species: Larus ridibundus Linnaeus, 1766

Scientific name Larus ridibundus Linnaeus, 1766
English name black-headed gull
French name mouette rieuse
Dutch name kokmeeuw

Illustrations and Birdsongs

Not all species have been illustrated yet. Should you own high quality photos, please send them by means of the photo page.

You can always check for pictures on the Dutch website Nederlands Soortenregister.

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Protection status and Red List
red list: No threat
red list: Near threatened
red list: No threat
red list: No threat
IUCN Red List: LC (ver. 3.1, 2009)

Flanders indigenous (1a)
Brussels indigenous (1a)
Wallonia indigenous (1a)
Habitat terrestrial / marine
Reference De Smet et al. 2006. Lijst van de Belgische vogels
Expert Glenn Vermeersch
Map Belgian Data Portal (Belgian Biodiversity Platform)