Variety: Candida tropicalis var. tropicalis

Scientific name Candida tropicalis var. tropicalis
Synonyms Atelosaccharomyces paratropicalis (Castell.) Mello
Blastodendrion irritans Mattlet
Candida albicans var. tropicalis (Castell.) Cif.
Candida arborea
Candida benhamiae E.K. Novák & Vitéz, 1964
Candida bimundalis var. chlamydospora Nowak.-Waszcz. & Pietka
Candida bonordenii (Vuill.) Basgal
Candida bronchialis (Castell.) Basgal
Candida citrica T. Furuk. et al. ex C. Ramírez
Candida enterica (Castell.) F.P. Almeida
Candida insolita Redaelli, 1930
Candida kefyr , 1932
Candida nivea (Castell.) Basgal
Candida paratropicalis (Castell.) Basgal
Candida pseudobronchialis (Castell.) Berkhout
Candida vulgaris Berkhout
Castellania aegyptiaca (Khouri) C.W. Dodge
Castellania bronchialis (Castell.) C.W. Dodge
Castellania burgessii (Castell.) C.W. Dodge
Castellania enterica (Castell.) C.W. Dodge
Castellania insolita (Castell.) C.W. Dodge
Castellania linguae-pilosae (Lucet) C.W. Dodge
Castellania metatropicalis (Castell. & Chalm.) C.W. Dodge
Castellania nivea (Castell.) C.W. Dodge
Castellania paratropicalis (Castell.) C.W. Dodge
Cryptococcus interdigitalis Pollacci & Nann.
Cryptococcus linguae-pilosae (Lucet) Gedoelst
Cryptococcus mattletii Nann.
Cryptococcus tonsillae (Carn.-Ricci) Nann.
Endomyces bronchialis Castell., 1912
Endomyces cruzii Mello & Paes
Endomyces entericus Castell., 1912
Endomyces insolitus Castell., 1912
Endomyces niveus Castell., 1912
Endomyces paratropicalis Castell.
Endomyces perryii Castell.
Geotrichoides vulgaris (Berkhout) Langeron & Talice, 1932
Monilia aegyptiaca Khouri, 1932
Monilia argentina Vivoli et al.
Monilia bonordenii Vuill.
Monilia bronchialis (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm.
Monilia burgessii Castell.
Monilia enterica (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm.
Monilia insolita (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm.
Monilia issavi Mattlet
Monilia kefyr
Monilia metatropicalis Castell.
Monilia murmanica Plevako & Cheban, 1935
Monilia nivea (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm.
Monilia paratropicalis (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm.
Monilia perryii (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm.
Monilia pseudobronchialis Castell.
Monilia tropicalis (Castell.) Castell. & Chalm.
Myceloblastanon bronchiale (Castell.) M. Ota, 1928
Myceloblastanon candidum M. Ota, 1928
Myceloblastanon entericum (Castell.) M. Ota, 1928
Myceloblastanon insolitum M. Ota, 1928
Myceloblastanon linguae-pilosae (Lucet) M. Ota, 1928
Myceloblastanon niveum (Castell.) M. Ota, 1928
Myceloblastanon paratropicale (Castell.) M. Ota, 1928
Mycocandida paratropicalis (Castell.) Guerra
Mycotorula dimorpha Redaelli & Cif.
Mycotorula interdigitalis (Pollacci & Nann.) Redaelli, 1931
Mycotorula japonica Yamaguchi, 1943
Mycotorula trimorpha Redaelli & Cif.
Mycotoruloides argentina (Vivoli et al.) C.W. Dodge, 1935
Mycotoruloides trimorpha (Redaelli & Cif.) C.W. Dodge & M. Moore, 1936
Parasaccharomyces candidus H.W. Anderson, 1917
Parasaccharomyces irritans (Mattlet) C.W. Dodge
Parasaccharomyces talicei C.W. Dodge
Parendomyces perryii (Castell.) C.W. Dodge
Pseudomonilia miso-alpha Mogi
Saccharomyces linguae-pilosae Lucet, 1901
Syringospora dimorpha (Redaelli & Cif.) C.W. Dodge & M. Moore, 1936
Syringospora interdigitalis (Pollacci & Nann.) C.W. Dodge
Syringospora issavii (Mattlet) C.W. Dodge
Torulopsis candida var. nitratophila Nowak.-Waszcz. & Pietka
Torulopsis interdigitalis (Pollacci & Nann.) Krassiln.
Torulopsis linguae-pilosae (Lucet) F.P. Almeida
Torulopsis tonsillae Carn.-Ricci & Redaelli, 1926
Zymonema cruzii (Mello & Paes) C.W. Dodge


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Flanders indigenous (1a)
Brussels indigenous (1a)
Wallonia indigenous (1a)
Habitat terrestrial