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Animalia (22779 species)
Phylum Annelida (178 species)
Phylum Arthropoda (20097 species)
Class Arachnida (889 species)
Class Branchiopoda (3 species)
Class Chilopoda (42 species)
Class Diplopoda (58 species)
Class Entognatha (1 species)
Class Insecta (18469 species)
Order Coleoptera (4078 species)
Order Dermaptera (6 species)
Order Dictyoptera (9 species)
Order Diptera (5104 species)
Order Embioptera (1 species)
Order Ephemeroptera (65 species)
Order Hemiptera (1128 species)
Order Hymenoptera (5017 species)
Family Ampulicidae (1 species)
Family Aphelinidae (12 species)
Family Apidae (369 species)
Genus Ammobates (1 species)
 Genus Andrena (98 species)
Andrena agilissima
Andrena albicans
Andrena alfkenella
Andrena angustior
Andrena apicata
Andrena argentata
Andrena barbilabris
Andrena bicolor
Andrena bimaculata
Andrena bucephala
Andrena carantonica
Andrena carbonaria
Andrena chrysopyga
Andrena chrysosceles
Andrena cineraria
Andrena cingulata
Andrena clarkella
Andrena coitana
Andrena combinata
Andrena congruens
Andrena curvungula
Andrena denticulata
Andrena distinguenda
Andrena dorsata
Andrena falsifica
Andrena ferox
Andrena flavipes mining bee
Andrena florea
Andrena fucata
Andrena fulva mining bee
Andrena fulvago
Andrena fulvida
Andrena fuscipes
Andrena gelriae
Andrena gravida
Andrena haemorrhoa early mining bee
Andrena hattorfiana
Andrena helvola
Andrena humilis
Andrena intermedia
Andrena labialis
Andrena labiata
Andrena lapponica
Andrena lathyri
Andrena marginata
Andrena minutula andrena minitula
Andrena minutuloides
Andrena mitis
Andrena nanula
Andrena nigriceps
Andrena nigroaenea
Andrena nitida
Andrena nitidiuscula
Andrena niveata
Andrena nycthemera
Andrena obsoleta
Andrena ovatula
Andrena pandellei
Andrena pilipes
Andrena polita
Andrena praecox
Andrena proxima
Andrena pusilla
Andrena rosae
Andrena ruficrus
Andrena schencki
Andrena semilaevis
Andrena similis
Andrena simillima
Andrena strohmella
Andrena subopaca
Andrena synadelpha
Andrena tarsata
Andrena thoracica
Andrena tibialis
Andrena tscheki
Andrena vaga
Andrena varians
Andrena ventralis
Andrena viridescens
Andrena wilkella
Genus Anthidium (6 species)
Genus Anthophora (10 species)
Genus Apis (1 species)
Genus Biastes (1 species)
Genus Bombus (32 species)
Genus Ceratina (1 species)
Genus Chelostoma (5 species)
Genus Clisodon (1 species)
Genus Coelioxys (11 species)
Genus Colletes (9 species)
Genus Crocisa (1 species)
Genus Dasypoda (3 species)
Genus Dufourea (6 species)
Genus Epeoloides (1 species)
Genus Epeolus (7 species)
Genus Eucera (3 species)
Genus Halictoides (2 species)
Genus Halictus (17 species)
Genus Heriades (1 species)
Genus Hylaeus (25 species)
Genus Lasioglossum (45 species)
Genus Macropis (3 species)
Genus Megachile (15 species)
Genus Melecta (3 species)
Genus Melitta (4 species)
Genus Nomada (53 species)
Genus Osmia (27 species)
Genus Panurgus (2 species)
Genus Rophites (1 species)
Genus Sphecodes (22 species)
Genus Stelis (7 species)
Genus Tetralonia (1 species)
Genus Thyreus (1 species)
Genus Xylocopa (1 species)
Family Argidae (18 species)
Family Bethylidae (15 species)
Family Blasticotomidae (1 species)
Family Braconidae (1002 species)
Family Cephidae (14 species)
Family Chalcididae (9 species)
Family Chrysididae (55 species)
Family Cimbicidae (17 species)
Family Crabronidae (169 species)
Family Diprionidae (15 species)
Family Dryinidae (42 species)
Family Embolemidae (2 species)
Family Encyrtidae (70 species)
Family Eulophidae (337 species)
Family Eupelmidae (16 species)
Family Eurytomidae (39 species)
Family Evaniidae (1 species)
Family Formicidae (64 species)
Family Gasteruptiidae (2 species)
Family Heloridae (1 species)
Family Ibaliidae (2 species)
Family Ichneumonidae (1574 species)
Family Mutillidae (3 species)
Family Mymaridae (84 species)
Family Ormyridae (4 species)
Family Pamphiliidae (36 species)
Family Perilampidae (11 species)
Family Pompilidae (67 species)
Family Pteromalidae (395 species)
Family Sapygidae (4 species)
Family Siricidae (10 species)
Family Sphecidae (7 species)
Family Stephanidae (1 species)
Family Tenthredinidae (374 species)
Family Tetracampidae (3 species)
Family Tiphiidae (6 species)
Family Torymidae (88 species)
Family Trichogrammatidae (11 species)
Family Trigonalidae (1 species)
Family Vespidae (59 species)
Family Xiphydriidae (3 species)
Family Xyelidae (3 species)
Order Lepidoptera (2282 species)
Order Mecoptera (6 species)
Order Megaloptera (3 species)
Order Microcoryphia (5 species)
Order Neuroptera (59 species)
Order Odonata (75 species)
Order Orthoptera (61 species)
Order Plecoptera (31 species)
Order Raphidioptera (6 species)
Order Siphonaptera (50 species)
Order Strepsiptera (7 species)
Order Thysanoptera (280 species)
Order Trichoptera (191 species)
Order Zygentoma (5 species)
Class Malacostraca (283 species)
Class Maxillopoda (199 species)
Class Ostracoda (129 species)
Class Pauropoda (8 species)
Class Pycnogonida (16 species)
Phylum Bryozoa (154 species)
Phylum Cephalorhyncha (2 species)
Phylum Chaetognatha (1 species)
Phylum Chordata (893 species)
Phylum Ciliophora (13 species)
Phylum Cnidaria (52 species)
Phylum Echinodermata (27 species)
Phylum Echiura (2 species)
Phylum Entoprocta (1 species)
Phylum Gastrotricha (36 species)
Phylum Mollusca (334 species)
Phylum Nematoda (469 species)
Phylum Nemertina (10 species)
Phylum Phoronida (1 species)
Phylum Platyhelminthes (164 species)
Phylum Porifera (34 species)
Phylum Rotifera (306 species)
Phylum Sipuncula (1 species)
Chromista (126 species)
Fungi (8638 species)
Plantae (2633 species)

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