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Animalia (22779 species)
Chromista (126 species)
Fungi (8638 species)
Plantae (2633 species)
Phylum Bryophyta (571 species)
Phylum Charophyta (26 species)
Phylum Chlorophyta (309 species)
Phylum Rhodophyta (178 species)
Phylum Tracheophyta (1502 species)
Class Equisetopsida (10 species)
Class Lycopsida (8 species)
Class Magnoliopsida (1446 species)
Class Pinopsida (4 species)
Family Cupressaceae (1 species)
Genus Juniperus (1 species)
 Juniperus communis juniper
Family Pinaceae (2 species)
Family Taxaceae (1 species)
Class Pteropsida (34 species)
Phylum Xanthophyta (48 species)

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