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Before you send your photos, please read these guidelines first and fill in the form.


Your photo will be accepted if:

  • it is sharp
  • it is of good quality
  • it shows the species in a clearly visible and recognizable way*
  • it is taken by yourself

  • it is preferably taken in natural circumstances
  • it is preferably taken in Belgium (we only publish foreign photos if only few photos of the species are available)
  • its size does not exceed 4,5 MB

* The photos are checked by an expert.

If a photo does not meet these requirements, or if the list already contains many photos of the species, we may not display it. If you want to have it published anyway: check or These sites accept all photos sent to them.

If you wish so submit several photos: please send one at a time.
You can contact us directly for further questions.

Photo form

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